The Xoronos Manifesto


Privacy is the freedom to consciously control information.
Cryptography encompasses a set of algorithms, devised to assists in the exercise of privacy.
Encryption, for example, is the act of transferring information from the public to the private domain.

Control and consciousness over computation are indispensable in the exercise of privacy.
This entails full control over the execution of security algorithms, and full confidence on their security principles.

We strongly believe that security is a private act.
The way we do our computation should be as private as the information we are trying to protect.

Therefore, we build the foundation of a decentralized and modular security infrastructure, where we can generate and share non-standard pseudo-random generators, which are at the base of provably secure cryptography.

We try our best to clarify the principles and the inner details of our work.
Therefore, we encourage your questions and involvement in our endeavor.

Security for us is not a product, a set of standard instructions, something implemented once, deployed and then forgotten.
Security is an ever-evolving layered process, which entails the responsibility to take control of information.

We do not have the pretension that what we do is inherently secure.
Therefore, our technology is and will be open to be inspected, shared and improved by the community of people who cares about taking back control over their security.