Layered Cryptography

All Xoronos algorithms are part of a layered security architecture.

Multiple failures need to occur before the security of the cryptography we provide gets compromised.

Reliable Security

All our security algorithms implement built in test to detect run-time failures.

Those checks are used to ensure backward compatibility, detect suspicious usage of the technology, and facilitate the diagnostic of potential problems.

Non-Standard Randomness

We believe that the way we perform security computation should be as private as the information we want to secure.

Therefore, we do not endorse any standardization of pseudo random number generators.

Modular Cryptography

We believe that the way we generate pseudo randomness should be decoupled from security algorithms.
All the security algorithms we develop are devised to support a multitude of pseudo random number generators.

Decentralized Cryptography

Users of Xoronos technology are encouraged to individually compute their own pseudo random functions.

Those computed non-standardized algorithms can be shared among trusted people and devices.

Provably Secure
Provably Secure

All Xoronos security algorithms rely on provably secure technology.

The strength of the cryptography we develop is on its mathematical foundation, which is open to be inspected and verified.

Post Quantum
Quantum Resilient

We developed a post-quantum key exchange that can be used to leverage the security architecture of Xoronos cryptography.
Therefore, we can provide a safe and reliable solution for all the security algorithms in a post-quantum world.